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IG Solar Participating @ Intersolar (Mumbai). The worlds largest Exhibition for the Solar Industry (14 to 16 Dec.)

Mr. Karsten Dippel, (From Germany) Technical Director of IG Solar visiting India on 11th December, 2010


From cooking food, heating water or refrigerating to lighting up our home, energy plays a vital role in our everyday life. Using renewable energy reduces our dependence on energy sources that contribute to climate change and can help make a big difference to the energy efficiency of our home.

Here are the renewable energy technologies one can consider:

Solar Photovoltaic Panels (PV)

Suitable for urban and rural environments, solar PV panels convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar PV and your home

The roof is the ideal place to install a solar PV system, but just ensure that no other buildings or large trees overshadow it. Actually, they can be an interesting and functional alternative to conventional roof tiles.

The benefits

  • A long term cost-effective alternative to conventional source of electricity.
  • PV systems do not generate any greenhouse gases - and are therefore eco-friendly.